The New Clique

R&B music has always undergone an evolution and at a time when it’s beginning to regain it’s footing in a major way on the charts with the listening public EBONY magazine takes a look at some the leaders into what is being termed “nouveau noir” or the new Black.

Nouveau noir is described as genre-less, wear-what-you-want and make-the-music-that-you-want artistry. It is a term coined by singer/songwriter Stacy Barthe, who is behind the music of artist such as Britney Spears, Brandy and Rihanna.

In the Ebony article they describe Miguel’s contribution to the “nouveau noir” sound as such:

Miguel also has clearly made his mark in the noir vein. When he first released the ground breaking “All I Want Is You” in 2010, listeners didn’t know what to make of the Black and Mexican guy who dressed both ‘hood and chic. His smooth music, which he describes as “eclectric”, has proven commercially successful with sophomore album Kaleidoscope Dream.

Miguel Ebony Magazine June 2013

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One Response to The New Clique

  1. Jen says:

    If you like Miguel, then you should definitely check out Kesington Kross. I think he’s going to be a great addition to this eclectic r&b/pop genre that is coming from wonderful artists like Miguel. His EP is streaming on his website. Give it a shot!

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